5 Beauty DIYs You Have To Try

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It’s officially Autumn, I think it has been for a while, but anyway… We’re all enjoying stepping on crunchy leaves, cosying up on the sofa with many blankets watching GBBO and of course, getting ready for Halloween! BUT, alongside enjoying everything Autumn brings with it, we also have to spare some time pampering ourselves, obviously.

As we all know, from September onwards, the temperature drops, and mums everywhere start telling you to layer up instead of turning the heating on (I know, it sucks). The cold weather isn’t too great for our hair and skin, and we don’t exactly want to break the bank by stocking up on pricey treatments and products, especially when everything we need is right there in our kitchens (no, not the chocolate).


Just some sugar and spice

We all have our fave products that we just can’t do without, but I’ve rounded up my 5 favourite beauty DIYs that I know you guys will not stop loving. So carry on reading!


  • Turmeric Face Mask

This face mask is the best thing that I have ever used on my face, hands down. Who said we needed to spend loads on getting beautiful skin? This mask is great for brightening the skin and reducing the appearance of any scarring that you may have. Because of its anti inflammatory properties, turmeric has been used forever to make the skin look radiant. In Indian culture, brides get a full face and body treatment with turmeric to give them a glowy look for their wedding, but you don’t need to be a bride to enjoy glowy skin, right? For best results, apply this mask about 2-3 times week, and leave on for approx 20 minutes. Disclaimer: You might look like a Simpson after washing your face, but just use a gentle cleanser, and you’ll be fine, I promise. 

How to make it: 1tbsp yogurt + 1tbsp turmeric + honey if you really want to hydrate your skin.      

  • Coconut Oil and Rosemary Oil Hair Treatment

If you want strong and healthy hair, then you need to give this treatment a go, it’ll get you heating up that coconut oil for sure. I’ve had problems with my hair falling out in the past, and it’s an awful thing to deal with. I tried everything from gentle shampoos to not applying heat to my hair, which helped a little, but it wasn’t enough. I was starting to think that there was nothing I could do to prevent my hair from breaking off, until my mum told me about this amazing treatment. The Coconut oil in this hair treatment will work as an antioxidant and the Rosemary oil will act as a stimulant which will support hair growth. All of this without any harmful chemicals! Winning.


All you need: 1tbsp of coconut oil + 4 drops of rosemary, give it all a mix, massage it into your hair for about 10 minutes, I mean really rub it in there, and just leave it on for a few hours (or overnight if you prefer). You want to follow this about 3-4 times a week to see some great results.

  • Tea Tree Oil for Spot Treatment

Now, this is a DIY remedy that is a complete life saviour for when you need to get rid of that annoying little friend (or more) on your face. I’m sure many of us have a spot busting product that we find ourselves reaching for quite often, because apparently you can be 22 and still suffering from breakouts on the reg, great. And let’s face it, those products can be pretty pricey, so why not try something natural? Tea tree oil is used in most skincare products, but then so are a lot of other harmful chemicals, so let’s just use it on its own. Tea tree oil has natural antibacterial properties that disinfects the pores and prevents further breakouts. I recommend using 100% pure tea tree oil so you can enjoy all the natural benefits. And it’s super easy to use.


All you have to do: Apply a few drops of the oil where you need it using a cotton ball. Leave it on for a few hours or overnight. Use as often as you need to.

  • Coffee Face Scrub

We all need a good exfoliator that leaves our skin looking fresh, and feeling smooth. I love using this coffee scrub whenever I want to give my skin a good boost. This scrub is great at getting rid of dead skin cells, and coffee has tons of benefits, I‘m talking exfoliation and a heap of antioxidants! Who said coffee was just for drinking? The best thing about this scrub is that you can store it. I like to use a mason jar because they’re really cute and you can get them from pretty much anywhere. I love this one from amazon, it’s so cute!

What you need: 3 tbsps coffee + 1tbsp natural oil of your liking (olive, coconut or almond) + 1tbsp brown sugar. Give everything a good mix, gently massage onto a clean, damp face for 1 minute, and rinse off.

  • Sweet Lip Exfoliator 

Autumn means amazing lip colours, from a bold red to matte mauve tones. But I know that when it gets cold, my lips start drying out like crazy. So, how do we handle this problem? Exfoliation is key for anyone who wants soft and hydrated lips, and this honey scrub is such a sweet and easy solution!

Just grab: 1 teaspoon honey + 2 teaspoons sugar + an oil of your choice. Optional: dash a little cinnamon in there if you want plumper looking lips. Mix everything into a paste and use on your lips (just try not to eat it, it’s pretty tasty). You can store the mixture in small containers, like these, and you’re good to go.

So guys, we’ve made it to the end of this post! Now, go grab a drink, try out a face mask and pamper yourself, because you know you deserve it. Let me know which DIY is your fave, and if there’s any you recommend, I would love to try some out. 

xo Amerjit

p.s I get all of my essential oils from Naissance because they only use natural and organic ingredients. I’ve added links in this post for the oils, but just incase you missed them, here’s the website: http://www.enaissance.co.uk/  



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      Using a gentle cleanser after washing the turmeric off gets rid of the yellow tint 😊

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