The Roundup: My Favourite Beauty Products For March

As March is coming to a close (which I still cannot get over, can you believe we’re going into the fourth month of the year? What?) I wanted to share with you guys the products I used and loved the most this month. The Roundup is a new series that will be featuring on my blog and I am super excited about it. Beauty related topics will be a big part of this series (obvs), but I will also be talking about lifestyle and fashion topics too (does that mean I can buy more clothes?)

I’ve used a lot of my old favourites this month, but I’ve also used some new products that I’ve fallen in love with. My Givenchy Teint Couture Foundation in Elegant Gold has been my go to foundation this month. It’s really long lasting and has the best coverage. I’ve done a first impressions post on this foundation and why I love it so much, so you can check that out too. I literally use the smallest amount, and it gives me such good coverage. It seriously feels like I’m photoshopping my blemishes away. This is a pretty matte foundation but it still gives my skin a dewy look which I love. I’ve also been loving the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Biscuit this month (and pretty much all of the time). Number one reason I love it so much: it does NOT crease, at all. I have dark circles, bags under my eyes (unfortunately they’re not designer), so I need a concealer that combats these problems AND stays put. That’s why I love the NARS concealer. There are other drugstore concealers I really like (Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer and the L’Oréal Lumi Magique Concealer), but the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is definitely my ride or die ATM.

Talking of concealers, I’m loving the Stila Perfecting Concealer in EIt’s not an everyday concealer for me, because it is quite high coverage, so I tend to use it whenever I want my makeup to last and stay put. And just an FYI it does require a bit of effort to blend, but it’s nothing a damp Beauty Blender can’t handle.

I bought the MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in Medium Golden a few months back, and it gives my skin a really nice, healthy glow. It’s very pigmented so I just slightly dust it over my face after I’ve done my foundation/concealer. I also really like the bronzey effect I get with this powder. Another MAC product I’ve been loving is the Pro Longwear Colour Stick in Tabby. If you’ve read my recent post, then you’ll know that I love highlighting. The colour stick is such an effortless way to add some highlight to your makeup, and I love how subtle it is.

Have you guys tried some of the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products? I think a lot of us have, aren’t they amazing? I literally don’t remember a time before the ABH Brow Wiz in GraniteSince using this pencil, my brow game has changed massively! Do you see that browvolution? I love the consistency of this pencil, it’s quite waxy, so you can gradually build up the darkness/depth of your brows. Naturally, I had to give the ABH Dipbrow Pomade in Granite a go. It’s is a really great product, and I tend to use it after my Brow Wiz, just to build up on the darkness of my brows. It dries out after a while, but just add some baby oil into it and it should be good as new.

I decided to use the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Cream because I needed a good, hydrating moisturiser for my skin. I use it all the time before I put on my makeup because it’s so moisturising. Some rich moisturisers tend to be quite sticky, and just sit on top of the skin, but the Clinique moisturiser is amazing. I would highly recommend getting this moisturiser (especially if you have dry skin) because it’s too good not to have.


This post wouldn’t be complete without my favourite lip products. I’ve been loving the NYX Lingerie Lipstick in Exotic and I’ve worn it so much this month. It’s so hydrating for a matte lipstick, and it doesn’t transfer (so no lipstick marks on your Starbucks cup). I’ve also been loving the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams in San Paulo and Abu Dhabi. They’re such everyday colours and so soft. I also bought two Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks in Bacca and RiccoThey’re super matte, and the colours are just beautiful. 

Can’t forget my Freedom Pro Blush Palette in Bronze BakedThis palette is just *heart eyed emoji* it’s incredible. The colours are so pigmented and it is my go to for every makeup look. The blush colours are so pretty, and the bronze highlight is stunning. For £6 (yes, £6), not owning this palette is sinful. I feel like one paragraph isn’t enough, I’m definitely going to have to do a post on this palette (and some other Freedom products I love) so stay tuned.

What have you guys been loving this month? Anything new and exciting you’ve fallen in love with? Or any oldies you can’t live without? Let me know down in the comments below.


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