Oh hello, welcome to WispyLashes, I’m Amerjit – thanks for popping by.

WispyLashes is a beauty and lifestyle blog, covering topics from makeup bag contents all the way to toxic friendships and general wellbeing

This is a small space I like to call my own and one where I am free to write about anything and everything. Although this blog started out primarily focusing on beauty, things have evolved massively and I decided to branch out beyond beauty. 

And me? Well, I’m a 24-year-old writer/blogger/digital marketing graduate from Leicester – 2 hours North of London for anyone outside the UK and doesn’t have a clue what/where Leicester is. Scintilla is my favourite word, partly because I like the way it sounds, but mainly because I love the meaning – Google it. I also love adding to my book collection, even though I may not actually get round to reading as often as I would like. 

Although so much has changed in the past few years, one thing that has not changed is how much I still love to write. I remember always scribbling something utterly random on a post-it note or suddenly being inspired to write short stories on Tumblr – gosh, remember Tumblr

I can’t wait to continue to introduce new content over here at WispyLashes, and I really hope you enjoy reading my posts, just as much as I enjoy writing them. In the meantime, come and say hi over on my Twitter or Instagram – I don’t bite (too hard).