Where have I been and what have I been doing?



Hello to all you lovely people reading this!

Gosh, it sure has been a while since I sat down and started writing a blog post. Yeah, a real long while.

Much has happened since my last post… in September! Get out of here, it has not been that long. Has it? 7 months? Well, there is definitely one thing that hasn’t changed since then: England is still rainy. How awful is that?

Aside from the dreary weather updates, what has been going on in the last 8 months… Have I been in hibernation? Did I move to another planet? Or did I quit my hectic life, move to another island and decide that I now want to be a technology-less hermit? The answer is *cue drumroll* I started my MSc in Digital Marketing in September, and have barely had time to look up from my assignments, reports and usual boring stuff that happens at university. So, nothing interesting then. Nothing that involved moving to a beautiful remote island or ditching my phone for an ice cold margarita. Ugh, that would have been so much more exciting. At least I can say that, that is a dream in the pipeline.

Now that I’ve put an end to my not-so-mini hiatus from WispyLashes, let’s chat. If you fancy a lil’ girly chat, put on your comfy clothes, grab a cuppa, cosy up with lots of blankets and cushions, and enjoy this read. I say I won’t make this super long, but I’m not so sure about that, so you may as well get comfortable.

But wait, where do I start? Let’s rewind all the way back to September 2017. Just imagine me getting out my old VCR recording and turning it all the way back. It’s only been 8 months, but here I am talking like I’m Rose in the final scene of the Titanic. Although, it does feel like it has been 82 years.

Okay, okay back on track. So, I decided to do a Masters in digital marketing. Yep, and what a great decision that has been. I’ve never enjoyed/hated something more in my life. This degree has been so exciting, I’ve learnt new things, met some incredible people and overall had an amazing experience. But (there’s always a but), I genuinely forgot how much work comes along with university. How could I forget you must be wondering. Well, let’s just say I had a pretty naive idea that a postgraduate degree would be the equivalent of third year at undergrad level… and then more some, and I thought I could manage that. Oh, how wrong was I! An assignment every 3 weeks? 8 hours of classes with only an hour break in between? … *long gasp*... Group work? That’s not what I expected. I can almost hear a Miranda Priestly-like voice in my head right now: “What, you didn’t expect any actual work at postgraduate level and just thought you’d waltz through the year and get a first? Hm.”

So, anyway, I’ve handed in my penultimate piece of work, and I am headed off to Austria for 3 weeks in July. How exciting! Well, only if you ignore the fact that I’m going to a summer school and I will have classes 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. Oh. Well, I am sure that I will have some time to explore beautiful Vienna, and definitely be able to soak up the sun (once I’m out of the classroom). So, what can be worse than going to a summer school over the summer? Why, writing a 9,000 word report afterwards of course.

Let’s just not even focus on any of that for now, and talk about something a little more exciting. Something like going to India in October to see my husband! I still cannot believe that he is not yet in the UK. I think setting up life on a new planet would actually be less time consuming. No, but seriously, the Home Office has absolutely no concept of reality and the idea that they are splitting up two people in love, it’s heartbreaking. But, I don’t want think post to be about my strong dislike for immigration procedures (trust me,  you’d be scrolling for a while). Hopefully, the end of 2018 will be more fruitful than the beginning.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed this mini comeback post, I know I cannot wait to get back to making some content! I have a lot of good ideas planned, and I am super excited. I want to add something new and fresh to this blog, and I also want to include some aspects of my own life, which I hadn’t really done much of before. Thank you to all of you who take the time to read my posts, it means a lot (and a lot).

I’ll be back next week with some more exciting, new content, catch you soon! 

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5 Things On My April To Do List


Can you believe I have booked a holiday on a whim? No, nor can I. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, then you’ll know that I got married in December, which you can read all about in this post. My husband is still in India, which as you have probably guessed, is the main reason I am going. I’m super excited to go as I always visit India in December, so it’s always cold. I cannot wait for the warmer weather, but definitely not looking forward to the mosquitoes. Ouch. I’m only going for three weeks, but that doesn’t mean I will be packing lightly. I want to be prepared for the hot weather, which means new clothes (can you tell I’m excited by this?), as my wardrobe consists mainly of hoodies, jumpers and scarves right now. A trip (or five) to Boots will be essential for all my skincare and makeup bits. I love buying a new perfume from duty free, it’s one of my favourite things to do before going on holiday. This time I have my eye on the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb


As I am constantly buying makeup (surprise), it never occurs to me that I should probably organise my ever-growing collection. So, April is the month for organising, apparently, and I’ve decided to be productive. I’ve bought two clear, acrylic makeup organisers from Amazon so I can proudly display all the makeup I own, rather than chucking it deep into my makeup bag. I like using these organisers to store my blushers, single shadows and concealers because they’re small so I like keeping them all together. On top I keep my foundations, lipsticks and powders. Empty candle jars are a really good and inexpensive way to store brushes, liquid lipsticks, eye and lip pencils. I also love storing makeup pads and cotton buds in them as well. I also bought some acrylic stackable drawers for all my eyeshadow, blush and highlight palettes, because they’re a little larger and they need more storage space. There is a really good post by Thirteen Thoughts on how to store and organise makeup/skincare products. 


I’ve been looking forward to decorating my new room for months, and I am super excited that the wait is nearly over. The whole room needed to be revamped completely. New wallpaper, new radiator, new carpet, new blinds – everything. I’m just waiting for my new bed to arrive, and then I can officially start decorating. There are already so many things on my bedroom wishlist which I cannot wait to start buying. As the wallpaper is blue with a grey pattern on it, I’ve gone for a grey carpet, and I bought the prettiest silver marble blinds that fit in so well with the room. 


I love shopping. This isn’t shocking I know, but it’s 100% true. Whether it’s online shopping, sale shopping or holiday shopping, I love it all. I get such joy from buying something, and retail therapy does work. I went into ZARA the other day to just “browse” (do you guys tell yourself the same lie too?) and ended up buying a stunning suede jacket because “it chose me”. As more and more clothes “choose” me, and Summer is fast approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to organise my wardrobe, and the best way to do that? Have a clear out. I go through all my clothes and just get rid of everything I don’t wear/need. Just ask yourself, ‘do I really need that Edward Cullen top I bought in 2005?’


There are so many books I want to read and re read, but I just don’t have time. And even when I do have time, I aimlessly scroll through Instagram. Guilty. So this month I want to sit down and dedicate myself to some books I’ve been wanting to read for a while now. I don’t want to get into habit of not wanting to read because that would just be heartbreaking. Books give you the chance to jump into a different reality. It’s like a film in your mind. I absolutely love reading crime/thriller novels, you know the ones that just grip you from the first page. The first book on my list is Behind Closed Doors by B A ParisApparently if you really enjoyed The Girl On The Train, you will love this. I’ve also been recommended to read The Power by Naomi Alderman, a book about how teenage girls can inflict pain at the flick of a finger. Interesting. I’ve also seen people rave about Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough. The blurb reads: ‘don’t trust this book, don’t trust these people, don’t trust yourself. And whatever you do, don’t give away that ending…’ I think this is definitely the book I am most excited to read. April is going to be a good month. 

As always, thanks so much for reading. What’s on your to do list this month? Any other book recommendations you have? Let me know down in the comments below. 

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Waiting For My Husband + New York

new york

“I can’t wait to do everything we’ve planned together, and I can’t wait till you finally get here!” This is something I say to my husband on a regular basis whenever we talk, because that is the only thing to do when we’re sat 100 miles away from each other, just talk. If you follow me on Insta or Twitter, you will know that I got married in December in India (you can read more about that in this post). However, because of the whole immigration process, my husband is still in India (which totally sucks). It’s hard work and I’ve spoken about what it’s like to be in a long distance marriage, which you can read about here

The only good thing that comes out of being apart is that we have so much time to talk, so we are always making plans. We talk about all the things that we want to do once he gets his ass here. One of the things we’ve planned is going to New York this Christmas (just talking about this gives me feels). If you know me, like at all, then you’ll know that going to NYC has been a huge dream for me since forever. I’ll admit it, a little bit of it is because of watching Friends. The idea of sitting around in a coffee shop after shopping around in Macy’s or Bloomingdales (and omg Sephora?!) is just so appealing. Am I right? 

Going away at the end of this year is a massive thing to look forward to, but aside from that, just spending time with my husband is something I just cannot wait to do. Seeing friends go out on dates with their boyfriends/partners and talking about how much fun they had shopping at the weekend is when I feel really shitty about the fact that despite being married, I’m still in a way… single. I try really hard to stay positive, and remind myself that it’s only temporary, but it’s hard. I don’t hide my feelings from Sonu either, and I’m really upfront with him about it, which is really important when you’re so far away. I do stay positive a lot of the time, but I do allow myself to have those moments where I can be sad, and it’s okay to let yourself have those moments. 

But, as I said, we make loooads of plans, and it’s the prospect of doing all these things together that keeps me positive (apart from the times I’m crying into my pillow and have blotchy red cheeks, yeah that’s not pretty). I cannot tell you how excited I am to just go out for dinner, Netflix and chill (literally) and you know, other couple-y things. I’m just eagerly waiting for the next few weeks to just fly by, like a kid  all of us at christmas waiting to rip open her presents. 

I have a lot to look forward to this year, and I just cannot wait for Sonu to get here. Even if that means having to share wardrobe space (where will all my clothes go?) I think between the two of us, we could actually set up our own stores with the amount of clothes we have. I do seriously think he’s more of a shopaholic than me, I didn’t even think that could ever happen.

Once the waiting period is over, I can’t wait to share with you guys all the amazing things we get up to. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, make sure you come and follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I’d love to say hi to you all!


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My Honeymoon In The Maldives

Hey everyone,

I’ve been wanting to write about my amazing time in the Maldives for a while, but I kept getting distracted, by you know, stuff and things. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I got married in December (you can read all about that here)and I had my honeymoon in the Maldives; I sometimes still can’t believe it. I cannot even begin to describe how beautiful this place is, it’s just absolutely incredible (everything you see on Instagram is true). 


We stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort, Kandooma a 5 star hotel and totally worth staying at. The service was faultless, and the weather was stunning. We were lucky that the five days we were there for, we had gorgeous sunshine the entire time (the week after there were thunderstorms, ouch). 

The airport was on the main island, Malé, which was a 40 minute speedboat ride away from the resort. That was my  very first speedboat experience and I loved it, even though I was extremely tired from the plane journey so I feel asleep for most of it, oops.

We travelled from Northern India where it was absolutely freezing, so when we arrived, I was so excited to be in the sun (I was tired of wearing about 4 layers of clothing at all times). When we arrived to the hotel, our luggage was taken to our room, and we were offered a refreshing lychee drink (it was so tasty) in the lounge whilst we were waiting to be checked in. We were given a brief introduction to the island; where to eat and the sorts of activities that were available, after which we were dropped of to our room in a cute little buggy.

Our amazing view at breakfast.

Every morning there was a buffet style breakfast, from cereal to full English breakfasts, and a lot of other amazing dishes from all over the world. Despite there being options for so many tasty foods, I couldn’t really stomach the idea of having a huge plateful of food early in the morning so I usually just had cereal (I know, boring).

We had a sea view room with a cute little balcony as well where you could sit and have breakfast, or just chill out. The bathroom was amazing; the shower was separated by a glass door and it overlooked the beach (with privacy of course). 


The entire island was just so scenic (as you can expect), and it’s the perfect place for a honeymoon. I’m so grateful that I spent the first few days after getting married in such a beautiful place, just relaxing with my husband. We spent time together, explored the island, went swimming and to top it all off, we had a Maldivian photoshoot. We decided that as we were in such a stunning place, we had to make the most of it.


We had an unforgettable time in the Maldives, and an amazing time at the Kandooma Resort. Everything from the food to the weather was just perfect.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, and let me know where you went on your honeymoon or where you’d like to go. 


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Caring For Sensitive Skin

Hey guys,

Today I want to talk to you about the skincare products that I have been absolutely loving for the past few months. Around about October time, I started breaking out a lot more than usual (it wasn’t pretty), and none of my usual spot treatments were working  (you can imagine the panic). So, I decided to completely revamp my skincare routine and properly pay attention to the sorts of products I was using and how my skin was reacting to them. And I kid you not guys, it’s completely changed my life (definitely not being OTT here).

I have quite sensitive and blemish prone skin, so I wanted to use products that would be gentle and help reduce breakouts (basically something that would make my skin look fresh). I had been dying to try out La Roche Posay products forever, and I had read so many reviews about how amazing their products are, so obviously I decided to give them a go. There’s also something about a discount at the bottom you’re gonna want to check out.

La Roche Posay.jpg
Left to right: Thermal Spring Water, Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser, Cicaplast Baume B5 Moisturiser 

Let me tell you one thing, I am so glad I bought these products! Ever since using them I haven’t even considered using anything else. The products are all made in France, and there is a massive range of products to suit all skin types; whether you have sensitivity, pigmentation, blemishes/acne scars (just to list a few) – there are products to combat pretty much all skin issues. There is a lot of information on the La Roche Posay website about how to take better care of your skin and of course all the amazing products they have. Oh, and a majority of the products are all free of nasty chemicals (winning). 

The Toleriane Dermo Cleanser (£11.00) was the first thing I bought, and I am never letting it run out (I took 4 bottles of it to India with me). This is the best cleanser I have ever used, and I cannot praise it enough. The whole Toleriane range contains a whole range of high tolerance products to treat even the most intolerant and sensitive skin. It can be quite overwhelming to decide which product is best, and what is going to work, but you can speak to someone online on their website, or on their Facebook page for some advice. One of the consultants I spoke to recommended the Toleriane Dermo Cleanser because it’s the best for even the most sensitive skin. I’ve been using this cleanser for 5 months now, and I love love love it! I can see a huge difference in my skin and it’s definitely a lot less reactive. When I first started using the cleanser, I did have a few breakouts as the thermal spring water was restoring the ph balance of my skin (aka the purging phase). This cleanser has definitely become a holy grail skincare product, and I am so glad I found it.

I bought a small bottle of the Thermal Spring Water (£3.50) because I wanted to try out a product that would soothe and refresh my skin after cleansing. This facial spray has become a favourite of mine and I can’t believe I didn’t buy it sooner. I use it after cleansing my skin to soothe any irritation, and also as a setting spray to help keep my makeup looking nice and fresh. Plus the smaller can is travel friendly, so you can take it with you anywhere (it’s great to freshen up your skin when you’re on a long haul flight).

Sometimes our skin needs some extra loving and a bit of TLC (especially after the rough winter months when skin can be a bit dull). The Cicaplast Baume B5 is a real treat for the skin and it’s become an essential whenever my skin needs more nourishment. I tend to use this product before I go to bed as it is quite rich, and I wake up with my skin feeling super moisturised and super soft.

There is 25% off all La Roche Posay Products over at feelunique – make sure you check it out.

How do you guys like to take care of your sensitive skin? What are the products that you use and love? Let me know in the comments below, I’m always up for checking out new products. Hope you guys enjoyed this post, thanks for reading.


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6 Things Every 20-Something Should Know

Hey everyone,

I came across a blog post on Thought Catalog21 Pieces Of Advice From People Over 60 (would 100% recommend checking it out btw) and it was actually quite eye opening. After reading the post, I thought about what sorts of things we as young adults should know to ensure we aren’t full of regret/negativity later on in life and even now, when we should be full of energy and excitement. I know it’s not possible to be happy and content all of the time, but we should definitely try to be more positive (which is so important in a world that is full of hate and trolling a lot of the time).

I’m not an expert at life, I’m still making mistakes and figuring things out, but I’ve also experienced enough and learnt a few things from the mistakes I have already made to understand what sorts of changes I need to bring about in my life to be more positive. I hope that when you read this, it’ll help you put some things in perspective (even if it is the smallest thing). 

Putting a Snapchat filter on life helps with everything.

1. Drop the negativity.

I feel like this is such an important thing to understand as you get older (you know, once you get your first grey hair) and start to realise what’s important in life. I know you can never be 100% positive all the time (unless you’re high on sugar or coffee, then maybe) but we shouldn’t let negative thoughts or even people creep into our lives. Cut toxic people out of your life, say sorry for your mistakes (you’ll feel a lot lighter afterwards), stop holding grudges, they don’t do anything other than mentally and emotionally weigh you down. This all seems a lot easier said than done but if you start making small changes everyday you will soon start to see a difference.

I remember at one point when I thought I was surrounded by friends that cared for me, but they never actually had any good interests for me at heart. It took me a long time to realise that I didn’t actually need people like that in my life because they were toxic. I know that a lot of you will be able to relate to this because you’ve been through it, or you’re going through it, and it sucks, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. If you feel like someone isn’t adding any value to your life, then you don’t need to deal with that. Delete them out of your life (kinda like the trash bin on your computer).

Tip: Follow thegoodquote on Instagram for some positive vibes. Don’t let negative people cloud your life, I mean how dare they?

2. Adopt the 5 year rule.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 21.09.49.png
This is a pretty good motto to live by. Especially when you feel like you’re having a crisis.

This one is quite straightforward. Before panicking or being upset about any situation, I think to myself that everything is temporary. Whenever you’re stressed about a deadline that’s looming or an upcoming meeting, just remember that it’s temporary. For situations that are a little more complex e.g a breakup (because we know how much they suck) take comfort in the fact that what you’re feeling isn’t going to last forever (and maybe have some Ben&Jerrys).

3. Invest in your health.

Let’s be real, if you don’t care now about yourself now, then who is? We’ve passed the stage where we can just get our mums to look after us (huge bummer, I know) and it’s x10 better to start taking care of our bodies and our minds now before we’re 55 and regretting it. With all these articles on Facebook telling us about the different exercises we should be doing, and the vitamins and minerals we should be getting, it can seem like being healthy is a massive chore, but it’s not. Workouts don’t have to be 60 minute sweat sessions in the gym, even mini workouts 3 times a week can make a huge difference. I know it’s more appealing to sit on the sofa and have a massive Netflix binge (trust me, I know the struggle) but your body will thank you when you’re 40 (plus you’ll look and feel younger too).

Here’s a link to an 8 minute workout… 8 minutes?! You have no excuse.

4. Read books. A lot of them. 

Read  lots of books. Crappy ones, disturbing ones, funny ones, magical ones. Read them all.

Reading books has been and always will be a special experience. We all love a good book, you get to escape into another world, and it’s an amazing feeling. There’s a subwaybookreview account on Instagram, and it’s definitely worth a follow – you’ll get book reviews by strangers on the subway and some amazing book recommendations.

Here are 5 of my personal faves:

In Cold Blood, Truman Capote
Rebecca, Daphne du Maurier
Maps For Lost Lovers, Nadeem Aslam
Interpreter Of Maladies, Jhumpa Lahiri
Wide Sargasso Sea, Jean Rhys

I promise you will love them.

4. Stand up for yourself.

Sometimes it’s difficult to stand up against something you don’t believe is right, or when you feel like someone is treating you wrongly, and it’s understandable, it’s not the easiest thing to do in the world (especially if you hate confrontation). I’m a pretty headstrong person (and believe me, it’s taken a long time to get here), and when I make decisions, I stick by them. If someone tries to undermine my decisions (especially if they don’t understand the reasons) then I will stand up for myself. And everybody should, it’s important to feel confident about the choices you make.

Not everything has to be a big confrontation though. You have to be strong and stand for what is right – even if it’s something small like calling up EE and having a go at them if your 3G isn’t working (which is seriously annoying can I just say).

5. Know when to pick your battles.

I have to be honest, this is something that I am still getting to grips with. I have to actively teach myself to be patient and be rational when it comes to certain things (and people) and it isn’t always so easy, but it’s always worthwhile. I find that before I want to say/do something on impulse, I first think whether it’s really worth it? I sometimes act before I think and then instantly regret it, because it causes a mess that could have been avoided if I had been rational for even 5 seconds. But I’m learning, and I’m getting better at it; it doesn’t happen overnight, but it happens.

6. Have breakfast in the mornings.

I am drooling.

Okay, so this point is really important (I would even say the most important piece of advise on this list because, you know, food). Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and here are 5 reasons why. I mean how do people even function without food in the mornings? How? I know it’s easy to miss breakfast and just grab a Starbucks on the way to work but that’s not going to do anything for you (you know it’s true). Breakfast can be quick and healthy, and if you need some inspo then click here for some quick breakfast ideas over on Greatist (there’s a really tasty smoothie recipe on there too).

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, I feel like I’ve been able to put a couple of things in perspective for myself just by writing this post. I would love to know any of your own thoughts/feelings about what you feel is valuable to understand while we’re young, so please comment down below.

xo Amerjit 




20 Products On My Bedroom Wishlist

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve done a wishlist post, and it’s made me want to spend a lot of money (that I shouldn’t be spending), oops.

So I’m getting a new bedroom which I am totally psyched about and I am super excited to decorate. My parents have already wallpapered the room (I repaid them by making dinner, which I think is a pretty good deal) and now it’s time for new furniture, carpet and my favourite: decoration. 

I’ve been online to see what sorts of things I’d like to decorate my room withand I’ve also created a bedroom Pinterest Board (which you should totally check out if you want some serious bedroom inspo). Of course I want to share with you guys what sorts of things I’m loving and lusting over, so I’ve rounded up my favourite products for you guys to have a look at (just click on the images for the links).


I don’t know about you, but I am seriously in love with everything (my poor bank balance). I hope you liked looking through my bedroom wishlist, and let me know if there is anything you’ve been loving too (because I obviously need an excuse to spend more).

xo Amerjit